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Indie Spotted – Vapour

Vapour is a free prototype indie horror game developed by Tiaan Gerber and Alexander Ehlers (Skobbejak Games) for PC, Mac and Linux Platforms.

This free prototype serves as an example of what we can do as a 2-man-team indie developer and the unique concepts and mechanics that we would like to incorporate (on a much broader and detailed scale, of course) into a full paid version.

Vapour draws inspiration from oldschool and modern survival horror titles and it combines it with the frantic and exciting gameplay of 90’s First Person Run and Gunners.

Find the game for free here: http://www.skobbejakgames.com/


Attack on Titan + Summer Giveaway

For my 50th Indie Spotted I am doing a Summer giveaway where you can win The Walking Dead, Bastion, Torchlight II, Mark of the Ninja or Amnesia.

Entering can be done as follows.
1. Subscribe:
2. Comment and/or share this video.
3. Wednesday I will announce the winners on Twitter and on Youtube. Good luck everyone!

Ever wanted to kill a giant Attack On Titan-style? Well now’s your chance. This browser-based fan game, Titan Hunter (巨人の猎手 ), allows you to do just that.

Armed with two swords and a gas-powered grapple-belt you fly through the city, trying to slash at the titans’ weak spot: the back of their necks.

Indie Spotted – Flight of the Data-Thief

In the lawless parts of the galaxy, massive corporations duke it out in all-out corporate warfare and espionage. You play as a Data-Thief: a skilled pilot who can fly into a corporate facility, grab their data, and then fly out again. Getting the data is a cakewalk. It’s escaping back to your mothership that’s the challenge. The whole planet is on high-alert and the corporation’s private army is on your tail. You’ll have to speed across a variety of alien environments while fighting off your pursuers if you want to see safety.